11 August 2009

The Morning Swim

I did it. I got up early....errr, strike that, I got up late but decided that I didn't mind being late for work for an event as momentous as this one...and went to the pool for a Morning Swim. See the picture above...I live in the hills in the SF Bay Area, we get fog. And it was cold.

But, luckily, the water was warm so I got right down to the business of my newest goal; 20 laps non-stop (remember, short course 25 yard pool; 20 laps = 500 yard). I hopped in the water, did 50 yards of freestyle, then 50 yards of backstroke kick, then 50 yards of freestyle and then 50 yards of backstroke swim and alternated from there until I'd done 16 laps. I then did a full speed 50 yards of freestlye, then warmed down with a leisurely 50 yards of freestyle kick with a board. Yep, I was making it up as I went along.

The long and short of it is that I'm on track; I am building up stamina, barely swallowed any water, and think that the morning schedule will work if I can get up a bit earlier. Plus I get to hang out with the old guys at the club to start my day.


  1. You are a better man than I.

    I've had a strategy to get up early and get in 25 miles on the bike before work for the past four years. I've yet to implement that strategy, but the planning is pretty far along now.

  2. O,
    Having a strategy is an excellent first step. The next step, before implementing said strategy, is to plan a blog around the strategy. Accumulate the appropriate twitter, facebook, and blogger accounts; choose a template; and then get going on talking about the strategy.

    At that point, you can elicit responses about the strategy, refine it, and if you still have time, actually implement it.

    Or re-purpose the blog to talk about Lance Amstrong.