20 September 2009

CK & the four strokes

The great film experiment went pretty well. Not perfectly since we were still working on our cinematographic style (you know, where to point the camera, stuff like that) but we got some good footage and have an idea of what we can do.

CK still doesn't have the timing down so there isn't a whole bunch of my stroke, but that's OK since hers is better to look at anyway. I didn't edit anything, just put the four clips together (in proper medley order mind you). This gives an idea of where I want to go with it as we get better and can get longer uninterrupted shots of us swimming. By the end we were even experimenting with swimming behind with the camera outstretched following each other. But that turns out to be a recipe to get footage of bubbles.

Anyway, here's CK & the Four Strokes:

Man, this camera is going to be cool, next up is a collection of flip turns. Not mine of course, I find them dangerous.

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