28 September 2009

Lungs: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em

Anybody who has been following my travails of learning to swim knows that my biggest issue has been breathing. I have tried every single method of doing it wrong from sucking down water, to forcing hyperventilation, to holding my breath for extended periods. I think I have it nailed now except for that I don't alternate sides yet. But that I can overcome.

But now I have a new issue. I was sick last week and still have some residual effects including, but not limited to, phlegm. It's my body getting rid of the last of the icky stuff and I'll jump at any chance to use a word like phlegm but it is adding a problem, it makes it really hard to breathe.

Last week, I forced myself to do half-workouts while sick so that I didn't lose every hard-fought ounce of "in-shape-icity" that I had. No need to make today any worse than it had to be.

Feeling better today, I knew I was going to put in a whole workout and tricked myself into it by continually saying, "four more laps and then you're done" every four laps. It worked, I finished the whole thing (32 laps for the win!) and went back to the locker room satisfied. I rooted through my gym bag for all the shower accoutrements and started feeling woozy, dizzy, and light-headed. I sat down and evaluated...it had to be because of the lingering ickiness.

Wow, all that effort to get into cardiovascular shape and one little semi-sickness that didn't even keep me home from work once makes me feel woozy. I'm convinced, I need to go shopping for a better set of lungs that won't cause me all this trouble.

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  1. So I know you're feeling a little sicky right now, but the Mountain View Masters meet is this weekend and I think you need to at least toss yourself off the blocks for a 50 freestyle. It's a good week for a first masters meet! Just sayin' :)