30 September 2009

One thousand yards

A thousand yards is the benchmark for a running back in a single season.

A thousand yards is a very long stare.

A thousand yards is about as many as you can mow without sharpening your lawnmower blades.

A thousand yards is also a goal I didn't know that I had until this week.

It just didn't seem realistic. My first day swimming I did 350 and that included some kickboarding, some pretend backstroke, and some rest stops in the middle of the pool. I quickly got realistic and started adding on 100 yards per week after I got to 500.

This week was supposed to be my 900 yard week, a number I got to yesterday by tricking myself with oddly effective mind-games. Then today I realized that I wasn't tired at the end of the workout yesterday; why not just swim 4 more laps at the end?

So I did. It seemed pretty easy too and I can't think of a reason I couldn't do a whole lot more if I had time in the morning before work. If I can do 1000, why not 1200? Why not a mile?

Actually there are probably pretty good reasons to not push myself when I have a pace clock drill that I'm supposed to be doing. So, here's my new plan:

10 laps of warmup
10 sets of 50s on a 1:20 interval
10 laps of warmdown

I know I can't do all 10 sets of the intervals yet so I'll just do as many as I can; whatever amount I miss by I'll just add to my warmdown. And keep doing a 1000 yards for a while.


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment! Isn't it a great feeling?

  2. PS 35.7 for a 8-u 50 free is really darn good!

  3. w000t! Congratulations - what a wonderful accomplishment!