14 September 2009

Tried my first drill

So far I have been just swimming...you know, one side of the pool to the other with the least amount of near-drowning possible. I've worked on my technique for the sole purpose of the aforementioned minimization of near-drowning. Anybody who has ever swam knows how it goes, head east for 25 yards, turn, head west for 25 yards, repeat 'til near death (though pools, unlike tennis courts, are allowed to be positioned anywhere on the compass rose so it might be N/S for you).

Well, I did all of that this morning but then I gave myself one last task: to improve my kick. I had read about a drill that can do this without the dreaded kickboard. Go to the diving well, cross your arms and tread water by kicking with your feet pointing straight down. Apparently, this very closely resembles what a freestyle kick should look like...if you bend your knees too much you drown, if you don't kick hard enough you drown, if you do anything at all wrong you drown. Self-preservation says, do the darned kick correctly.

And I did. I still think there was too much knee action in it but I could feel the burn in my thighs a lot more than any other attempts I've done to improve my kick. The only downside is you're supposed to do this in 20 second sets but this lady went and stood in front of the clock midway through my second set. Every time I'd move over to see the clock better she'd move. I think she wanted me to drown.

But I foiled her evil plan by finally looking at the other clock. And not drowning.


  1. OK, I know nothing about swimming. But what the heck was that kick that guy was doing who swam underwater two whole lengths without using his arms, in that video you posted here? He looked like Flipper, only with a more attractive nose.

  2. That was a dolphin kick. I don't do that.

  3. Ah, so I was right about the Flipper thing. Or does that refer to the Miami Dolphins?