16 October 2009

Cutting it short

After yesterday's superhuman swim, I was psyched to get into the water today. I got up early, fidgeted around the house until it was time to leave and headed to the pool. Everything was going perfectly.

I jumped in the water, swam a really nice 100 yard warmup and felt strong. And I think that was where the problems started -- I started swimming like I felt strong. After my first three fifties, I noticed something was wrong. I was swimming too fast and killing myself. I tried to slow down but the damage had already been done, I was just wearing myself out really quickly.

I started getting discouraged but still tried a few of my techniques to trick myself into swimming more. Nothing was working. When I got to 20 laps, I rationalized. I'm swimming tomorrow so that Chopstick can work on her backstroke flipturns, I'll just make the laps up then. I swam 4 more laps to warm down and called it a day.

A bit of a lame way to end the week but I'd rather call it early and live to swim another day than completely demoralize myself by making swimming a chore. So, I'll put in my laps tomorrow AND have Chopstick work on my flip turn. That should make up for it.

1 comment:

  1. It's hard to keep the momentum going some days when you're working out by yourself. I've done some very truncated swims on days I just couldn't get the energy to keep moving.

    If you're gassing out that hard early on in workouts you might want to grab a kick board and do some kicking while you give your upper body a break.