29 October 2009

Just found a new site

I've been following the college recruitment wars with disinterest. Sure, I want Felicia Lee to go to Cal but it's not really that important to me. But, hey, Felicia Lee, if you're reading this, "Go Golden Bears!". Hope I didn't violate any NCAA guidelines with that unabashed exuberance.

Anyway, back on point, I just found a new site collegeswimming.com which keeps track of these things and has a message board and might be of interest. To me, this interest will start in 8-9 years when Chopstick is old enough to go to college. I already spend 105% of my disposable income on school so I would really really like to see a college scholarship in the offering. So, I'm going to support this new site, click on some ads and hope they're still around in 8 to 9 years to report on "Stick, Chop has committed to UC Berkeley {or Stanford or Princeton}" I have no doubt she'll make it into one of these schools, I just want a way to pay for it.

Oh, and I guess the first step is to swim fast; I'm going to watch her at swim practice to make sure she's still doing that.

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  1. careful not to put too much pressure on her! to get a scholy to a div 1 school is pretty elite. Be realistic with your expectations for a 9 year old's drive and the fact that loads don't even make it through high school. When I look back at the group I swam with at age 9, there were about 25 of us. 6 made it to nationals, and only 2 of us made it to div 1.
    Swimming is a rough mental sport...