05 October 2009

Lumbering freestyle

I started on this journey to learn to swim about 7 weeks ago. I had high hopes...first off, learn to swim; second, swim fast; third, be faster than my 8 year old daughter (since replaced by Shaq as arch-nemesis). And, I'm moving towards these goals nicely.

The first week that I hit the water, my beautiful wife had a chance to see me swim a few laps. She described it as lumbering. That might have been a kind description. I know for sure that I forgot to kick a lot, slapped at the water with my hands, and spent most of my time gasping for air. I was lucky I didn't have to see what it looked like, but it must have been quite the sight at 7AM for everybody else.

Since then, Chopstick has given me a few pointers, the local masters coach has given me a few pointers, and I've read a lot about proper technique. I really concentrate while at the pool that I'm swimming correctly knowing that some day that will translate to the speed I need to beat Shaq.

Chopstick took some video this weekend and I am open for critique (other than the weird filming anomaly when she's walking next to me and it looks like I'm not moving). Most of my readers are better swimmers than I am, so please have at it.

Keep in mind, this is my warm-up speed before Chopstick gave me a few pointers on arm position. But, still that's what I look like when I lumber along freestyling.

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  1. CSD, I love to read about your progress! I didn't focus on your arm position since Chopstick helped you with that, so I watched your legs. I would concentrate on keeping your legs a little straighter (not bending so much @ the knee). You're doing awesome... keep up the great work!