10 November 2009

Sail Camp swimmers

There were no meets this weekend. This is, of course a very rare occurrence but very welcome one. Because I got to marry my two favorite things: the kids and sailing.

About a month ago, we took one of Chopstick's very good friends (a classmate though on a rival swim team) out sailing. They sat up on the rail and came up with an incredible idea...a sailing camp. As it happens, the entire population of this sailing camp was swimmers. Which is helpful since it gives me more time to go back and get them if they fall off.

The other (and more accurate) reason that it's helpful is because swimmers are strong. This wasn't going to be a pleasant day on the water, these kids were going to learn big boat sailing....things that they didn't learn this summer in the dinghies they have at sailing camp. They would have to trim and hoist sails, steer the boat, and tie knots. It's really the trimming and hoisting because the loads are a lot heavier on a 28 foot boat than an 8 foot one.

After the hard work, they got to play. Sitting on the low side, they dangled their feet over the water and I tried to hit waves that would get them wet. This was my subtle introduction to open water swimming for them. "Alright, kids, this is 57 degree water, get used to it!"

Next weekend we're back to the swim meets but for one weekend this fall, they had a break and didn't even fall in the water.

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  1. Do you happen to know about SwimVacation.com? I'm in no way affiliated with this company, but your post made me think of them. Sailing, swimming, fun, etc. Though I think they sail in warmer waters than the SF Bay.