08 December 2009

Brrrrr, it's cold out there

Maybe the best part about cold weather is that it gives you something to talk about with the other schleps who swim at oh dark thirty in the morning. Such gems like, "cold enough for you" and "have they fixed the pool heater yet?" get floated around and really create exceptional pool camaraderie. Seriously, when it gets under 40 degrees, I get warmed by all of the friendships I'm developing.

Not really, I just jump in the pool because even with the freakin' heaters broken, 74 degree water is better than 38 degree air. The club says it's actually 77 now and will be 80 once they receive the new heater but I don't believe them. Brrrr.

But this isn't about me. I'm a grown man and can deal with a bit of cold weather to stay fit. My 9 year old daughter, on the other hand, is small and hasn't accumulated layers of walrus like blubber to keep her warm in the winter. So, she is going to be REALLY cold if we swim tonight. She swam this weekend with the pool missing one heater and being 77 and it wasn't so bad. Earlier last week, she swam with it missing two heaters and being 74 and went running for the hills after something like 400 yards.

Tonight is going to be a real test of how much she loves swimming. I'm going to get in the water with her in a show of solidarity but, still, it's cold in that water. If we bail at 400 yards or even don't get in, I'll understand.

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