11 December 2009

Splish Competition Swimwear

We have unsuccessfully been trying to buy Chopstick a Splish swimsuit. Nothing seems to fit, and we're going back for attempt #3, maybe going from thinstrap to racerback. That stinks because she likes to practice with thinner straps. But, the suits seem to really be designed for older kids (interesting note: then why have small sizes?). Oh well, she'll end up with a cute swimsuit for practice even if it takes 35 returns.

On the other hand, I also swim every day and my cheater suit that I got from Finis for a ridiculously low price will eventually wear out. So, I'm getting myself a cute pair of Splish Jammers. And, since I'm a superstar, I'm going with these:

Man, I'm excited about this. Adding a little spice to my 7AM swim will be good.


  1. I'm not sure that I would go with the 'Stars' suit for later in the day, but if you're doing most of your swimming at seven o'clock in the morning, that suit may help with situational awareness.

    Personally, I think the Bolt suit looks faster.

    If you select the Bolt suit on the Splish website, though, the guy who puts the picture up on your computer monitor suggests that you might also like the Stars suit, so I think he may be agreeing with you.

    And that guy knows you're a sailor, too. If you select the Bolt suit, his other suggestion is the pirate suit.

  2. a friend of mine has that job offering suggestions for Amazon; sometimes, he'll just mess with the shopper if he doesn't like the look of their IP address.

  3. Goodness! That should wake up your fellow swimmers!