01 December 2009

A Tale of Two Walls

It was the best of turns, it was the worst of turns. With all apologies to Dickens, this first sentence kept running through my head this morning. What was bothering me is why were my turns off of one wall so much better than the other? The difference is so dramatic that it takes me 2 more strokes to get across the pool one way vs. the other.

My initial belief is that there is a current in the pool. This is actually pretty likely given the difference in stroke count, distance in the push off the wall, and times of the 25s. It really wouldn't take a lot to affect performance.

But there could be other external influences. On the slow wall, I would have a striking view of Mt. Diablo in the distance. On the fast wall, a bunch of old people in the hot tub and the dreaded pace clock. Maybe my body is resisting leaving the beautiful view subconsciously?

Or it could be microscopic differences in the depth of the pool. Both say 3 1/2 feet but I swear it feels shallower over on the slow end and the kids on Chopstick's team all tell me deep pools are faster.

Or I could just be tired being halfway across the pool. Either way, I'm only going to count my times on the fast lap from now on.

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