05 January 2010

Six in the morning

6 in the morning police at my door
Fresh adidas squeak across the bathroom floor
Out the back window I make my escape
Don't even get a chance to grab my old school tape

Thanks to Ice T, these "lyrics" are the first thing I think of when I consider 6AM. It's not a time to wake up and be productive, certainly not the time to be out of bed, and most definitely not a time to be swimming. That's what 7AM is for. 6AM is for escaping the police.

But I'm in my 40s now and have to run from the police with much less regularity so I think it might be time to try Master's swimming. I've been availing myself of the coach anyway so I might as well really be in.

This thread gave me an odd bit of inspiration. I've already conquered the worry that the original poster had; I see these guys every M,W,F anyway as I get in the pool as they leave. I've even spoken to a few. But the real kicker was the point one guy made that 3 weeks of team swimming = 3 months of individual swimming.

I have improved dramatically in every way but one important one. Breathing. I still suck breath after every 50. But I've found that I can maintain more with appropriate motivation and I think that's what the team can give. So I'm joining.

Unfortunately, that means being at the pool at 6 in the morning.


  1. Go for it! I just started yesterday morning at 6am. :) In my case it was with a newly created Master's team as well as transitioning from my own long slow distance workouts to a structured sprint-oriented coached session.

    If nothing else, you'll have fun.

  2. I say go for it also! I swam at a pool about an hours drive away from my house- and the practice started at 7AM. Early practices are good for the soul! Have fun :)