03 February 2010

Out of breath

Am I crazy or am I not as out of breath as I used to be while swimming? I don't know when it happened but I suddenly realized it today: I can swim without stopping. Much, without stopping much. I am routinely doing 100-200 yards between breathers and even then they are limited.

According to my Go the Distance graphs, I'm doing pretty well, closing in on 1.5 MPH. The big drop that you see early in the month is when I started doing kick sets for the first time...even at only 100 yards, that slows me down dramatically.

The last two days have been fairly spectacular at 1.36 MPH (distances of 1800 & 1400 yards).  But I know why yesterday happened.  Bikini Girl was in the lane next to me and she just never stops, kind of like a Terminator but, you know, a waterproof one.  I realized that if I was hanging out at the wall, she'd notice and laugh all robotically at me.  That is just something I don't want.

It's important to note why this matters to me.  In the six months that I've been swimming, only three swimmers have been consistent this whole time.  The Other Coach Bill, Dale, and Bikini Girl.  The Other Coach Bill is always helpful, if he sees me breathing like crazy or kicking funny, he'll help me out so I don't mind flailing in front of him.  Dale swims several lanes away usually and she considers *me* a good swimmer; when she sees me huffing and puffing, that is a sign that I'm working hard to her.  But Bikini Girl is about my speed (a little slower) and about my fitness level (except for the Terminator never stopping thing).  I don't want to look like a wimp next to her.

Of course, this is exactly why I need to get up an hour earlier and swim with the Master's Team.  Peer pressure group motivation is a powerful and useful tool.  I *know* it would make me a better swimmer.


  1. No you're certainly not crazy CSD! Your hard work is starting to pay off and if you had your heart monitored, you'd probably find it's now pumping slower and stronger as a result of your exertions - well done!!

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