17 August 2010

Oh wow, now I've done it

I am officially a Manatee. Though I've never actually been to one of their practices. Or met their coaches. Or seen their locker rooms. And I only know one other swimmer on the team. But I have seen their website so I am officially a Manatee.

I just joined US Masters Swimming. Now that I'm a member they may let me in on the secret: is it Masters or Master's? I think Masters but I've heard it both ways.

I did join for a very good reason: my pool club membership is set to expire and it's less expensive to join a team and swim there than to keep paying for a ritzy club for the sole purpose of swimming. What I'll miss: lanes to myself. What I won't miss: the monthly bill.

Now that I'm a Manatee, I'm going to go to their practice on Friday as a drop-in. And I'm going to register on the USMS site so that I can get the Go The Distance cap I've already earned. And see how much more I need to swim in the last 4+ months of the year to get a water bottle.

Go Manatees!


  1. Emily TitesphinkerAugust 17, 2010 at 12:01 PM


    US Masters Swimming? Is Masters a verb in this sentence? If so, then is US singular or plural? Surely US is an abbreviation for United States? That sounds like a plural noun, but since they are so united perhaps it is the name of a singular country. If US is plural then it should really be US Master Swimming in the sense that all 50 states are mastering swimming, or perhaps in the imperative sense of, "Hey, you states, it's about time you mastered swimming." But what about Alaska? Does Alaska master swimming? It's a bit cold for that up there. And in case, states don't swim, people swim. How could a state swim? It's really a nonsense phrase.

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  3. It occurs to me that there may not actually be an 'Emily Titesphinker', or that two or more people are using that name to post comments.

    At any rate, I share some of Emily's concerns.

    I'm wondering about this whole 'Masters' business, too, but for different reasons.

    US Masters Swimming seems to be using the term 'Masters' to denote the age of the members, but slyly allows the unsuspecting to think that 'Masters' denotes some sort of 'mastery' of swimming.

    It is apparently quite possible to be a marginally competent 'Master'.

    This borders on the fraudulent, I think.

    A more accurate organization name would be US Masters Who Might Possibly Be Incompetent Swimming.

  4. good move! My buddy Jim Clemmons swims for the Manatees, very cool guy and really good swimmer... I think you'll like it there

  5. Hi Dad,

    Just to echo Rob D's post, Jim Clemmons is an excellent swimmer, and nice guy too. I should know I'm his coach, and Head Coach of the Manatees.
    I hope to see you at one of our practices soon. Think about coming on a Saturday at 7:00AM. That's our weekly practice for the competitive swimmers. It's 90 minutes, and is usually followed by a trip to a nearby coffee emporium.
    Make sure we add your email to our mailing list so you'll get notifications on our clinics, pool side socials and intramural events.


  6. Hah, Brian. My online anonymity worked for a day or so. Yep, this is me, now I just have to be careful not to talk smack about lane mates or coaches.

    Though some day I'm going to do a compare and contrast section on Manatee coaching styles. So, keep that advice coming.