22 September 2010

Put this thing to use

During the 6 weeks between meets that this unfortunate time of year brings, our suit-drying rack really has it easy. A couple of suits from me, a couple from Chopstick. Nothing to really get it worked up. This is how it looks during the "dry" season:

Notice how a couple of suits feel the luxury of taking over three pegs. There's room so that the wettest suits don't have to drip on the drier ones. It's like a freakin' resort for these suits.

Now, Chopstick has her first meet of the new season this weekend. Then it's off to the races with a meet every other weekend through the JOs, then an extra one in December because we can. Look for the updated picture of a well-used drying rack from this Sunday. It should be loaded with the week's practice suits, my suits, about a trillion towels and a bunch of caps.

Bring on the meets!

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