19 November 2010

Officially official

This past weekend, I attended an officials training session for 3 hours. I learned a few things, most notably that I cannot see a breaststroker's legs on a small TV from 5 feet away; at least not well enough to DQ them. It's better at the pool, but it doesn't bode well for instant replay in swimming. I also got to quiz a veteran official about every single DQ my daughter has ever had and challenge him on the audacity that a complete swimmer like Chopstick would ever turn non-continuously. He backed down but for some odd reason, he didn't go and reverse all of her undeserved DQs.

Anyway, at that point, my main concern was, where the heck am I going to get blue pants? But I pressed on and took the online test on Monday. I got one wrong and continuing in my theme of challenging authority, can't tell how it was wrong. Please review:

"In the butterfly: At the turns and the finish, is it permissible for a shoulder to be dropped after the final arm pull and prior to the touch?"

I say no since the rules clearly state that "at each turn the body shall be on the breast.....once a touch has been made, the swimmer may turn in any manner desired." So, according to the question, the swimmer needs to be on the breast because it is prior to the touch. How can you be on the breast if you have dropped a shoulder? Sounds like the swimmer is somewhere less than parallel to the water surface to me.

I'm sure there is more to it but I need an answer on this one. And I will get one this weekend because I am officially "shadowing" at Chopstick's meet. I think I need four days of shadowing and a recommendation and I become an official. At which point, all swimmers must refer to me as Doctor DQ.


  1. What does the ISAF Case Book say?

    Oh, sorry. Wrong sport.

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