28 August 2009

I fell short

I was supposed to go 20 laps without stopping this morning. I only got through 14. At that point, I had to take a few moments to catch my breath. How the heck do people do it?

This old lady in the lane next to me was like the freakin' Energizer Bunny, she just kept going and going. Sure she swam slowly, but I'm trying to swim slowly. Is it her, ahem, extra buoyancy? There is no way she's actually in better shape than I am; is she just in better swimming shape? Is that a "thing", swimming shape?

Or is it my form? Am I wasting a bunch of energy doing stupid things that I don't even understand? Remember, I've never had a swimming lesson in my life...I'm just trying to swim the way my 8 year old does. A guy in the locker room mentioned that it gets easier as you do it better. I think I need to do it better.

But, here's the Catch-22, I'm not wasting money on a swim lesson until I can actually swim for that long without killing myself. Why pay for an hour if I can only swim for 20 minutes. How the heck do people do this?

Anyway, I think you need to swim more to get in better swim shape so I gave myself 4 penalty laps at the end just to teach myself a lesson. On to next week.


  1. Spend some time cruising through the videos on GoSwim.tv. They sell swimming dvds, but they also give away a lot of good free info in their free internet videos. Plenty of drills, technique points and things to think about over there. Highly recommended.

  2. Here's what I got for Christmas last year: an underwater ipod player! It's great for underwater boredom......

  3. Don't feel bad EVK. I can ride a bike or run for ages, but can't swim for 5 minutes without croaking. Something to do with the breathing I think.