12 August 2009

Not so big meet this weekend

August is CK's off-season so technically she should not be swimming any meets this month. But after coming within .3 seconds of a PRT in her 25 back at the El Cerrito meet, she really wanted another crack at it.

Her friend from school (who coincidentally got a PRT in the 50M breastroke that same weekend) always goes to the Aquabears meet and says it's a nice, relaxed meet. She thought it would be fun to do so we signed up. After clearing it with her coach, he gave some workouts for her to do (those are the ones I've been directing) and we made the plans.

The thing is, her times go by a certain pattern. After exceptional meets like the last one (personal bests in every event), she tends to level off for a month or two, plateau if you will. That's fine because she has 3 more months of being 8 to get those PRTs and she can go to a meet without putting any pressure at all on herself; if she drops time on any event, it's a bonus.

What is good is that there are going to be some other very fast kids at the pool and she responds well to fast swimmers. When she knows there's someone in the lane next to her that's fast, she swims faster. Thankfully, I do a lot of research before meets and know who could possibly be there. If I tell her there's an uber-swimmer at the meet (like, say from the Santa Clara Swim Club which was there last year), she puts a little extra kick into her stroke.

I don't know, I put it at 50/50 whether she can drop time in any of her 5 events this weekend. I'll update the blog via twitter with her times through the weekend.

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