20 August 2009

Now these are swim trunks

I wore my cheater suit today and cannot tell you how uncomfortable I was all the way to the pool. I am a modest person and this is not a modest swimsuit....since it's a family blog I will not tell you my thoughts as I took my sweatpants off or ever ever post a picture of me in this thing. Let it suffice that I jumped into the pool quickly and immediately thanked the Costanza effect. It made the suit a bit more comfortable.

Now, here's the thing. When I told CK that I got my new suit, she said, "I hate cheater suits." She's 8, she doesn't really know what a cheater suit is, but still there is the fact that this swimsuit was designed to make swimmers faster and/or more efficient. And today I was faster and was able to swim longer and had a better kick and didn't get out of breath as fast. But I'd been trending that way anyway and I honestly believe that any streamlined jammer style suit would have helped me with the drag I'd been self-inducing. But still, I don't feel right about this suit. But, since I laid down $25 for it, I'm wearing it.

Today's workout was great. I did my 20 laps, stopping very briefly at the wall compared to the last few days. I don't think I'm ready for my non-stop 20 laps but I think I can do it soon. I only took off one 50 for breath-relief and will certainly do all 20 laps in freestyle tomorrow. Maybe another week until my non-stop goal?

To get there, I need a better kick. I can feel the difference when I really put effort into the kick....my head comes out of the water better and my whole upper body sits higher. And it's faster. But my spindly legs just aren't doing it for me. I think I'll do my weekend non-swim exercise as a treadmill or elliptical to get some extra cardio and leg exercise. CK gave me an impromptu lesson after dinner last night and I just couldn't get my legs to do what she told me. Hey, it's only 2 weeks into this venture, I guess.

To summarize: cheater suit makes me feel like an exhibitionist, it might have helped me swim better and I need to kick. And next week my first goal will be met.

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  1. Have you looked into using fins? I know many people consider their use cheating, but they do amazing things for your form.