21 August 2009

Kicking it Old Skool

As my tweet suggested, I successfully completed all of my laps freestyle. Yep, no kickboard/bacsktroke laps for the sole purpose of getting to breathe for 50 yards. I did take breaks at the wall but kept those short. That was my goal for this week...getting fit enough to swim freestyle the whole time. And to get there I had to figure out my breathing patterns which I have now.

That fitness level was going to come just from doing it. But I needed more. I had to start doing it better too if I want to achieve next week's goal. So I'm starting to kick more and believe me it hurts. I doubt I'm doing it *right* but I am doing it more. I can feel the difference when I kick....it's just faster and I'm higher in the water. Ooh boy, does it burn though; teaches me a lesson for going through life with these dinky thigh muscles.

So, if I can kick better, continue to breathe properly, and continue to get fitter, can I do all 500 yards without a break by next Friday? Well, I need to learn how to turn at the wall...that exchange reminds me of trying to shake hands with a leftie...I eventually get it right but there's a lot of confusion in the process. I'll have CK show me some techniques.

Speaking of her, the results from last weekend were finally posted and her PRT is official now. I guess that means that she is Pacific Recognized!


  1. This whole thing reminds me of getting back on the bike after I've been off it for a long time.

    The first few weeks, I make great progress almost every time out. But after that, it's usually a much more gradual climb. For me, at least.

    I'd think bike riding would be good cross-training for swimming - for both thigh muscles and cardio.

  2. It feels pretty darned gradual....I keep looking over the lanelines at these uberswimmers lapping me. It's half inspiring half depressing. I'm going to hold on the inspiring for a few more months if I can.

    Oh D, are you doing the Sarcoma Cup this weekend? There are some crew opps if you're interested.

  3. Riding on the local bike trail is inspirational for the same reasons.

    Thanks for the invite (no, really!). I'll be at the boat this weekend, but I've promised The Boss it will be a low-key, boat chores and wine weekend.

    You'll be on the O34, I'm guessing? Good luck!