24 August 2009

So much pain, no gain

I skipped my swim this morning. I woke up on time, so that's not it. I had my bag packed and ready to go, so that's not it. I am excited about this week, so that's not it. So, why didn't I swim this morning? Because I went sailing yesterday.

Man, am I sore after yesterday's beating. It was a typical SF Bay afternoon (25+ knots out of the WSW); the difference was we were on an amped up race boat that wanted to round up at any opportunity. Basically, I was sitting on a vertical surface (I have a bruise in the shape of the cleat that I was sitting on) wrestling with the boat for hours.

I've taken aspirin, slept in 45 minutes extra, and am resting all day at my comfortable desk and I'll get back in the water tonight. The upside is that I won't miss a day of swimming, the downside is that people will see me in my suit.

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