18 August 2009

Really good workout this morning

I only did the 20 laps but did the whole thing at a very reasonable pace. For me, that is, a very reasonable pace for me. For the first 10 laps, I did 50s without stopping halfway through but I still could only do 25s for the second half. I didn't feel like dying once out there. That, my faithful reader, is progress.

I got there after the swim team had cleared the deck but still pretty early; getting up at the crack of dawn is getting easier. I even had time to make coffee for my wife and houseguests before leaving. I feel accomplished. Why I bring up the early part is that there is a woman who swims like the wind who is always there from 7 to 7:30. I want to be like her. Her stroke is perfect, she does flipturns (something I will not attempt without multiple lifeguards on duty) and *she never stops swimming*. I totally want to be like that. I guess it's another goal.

In other important news, I have moved into the "serious swimmer" segment of my training. I will no longer wear surfer shorts after this week (true story: my shorts come with a built-in bottle opener). I have purchased jammers, you know those knee length tight trunks that are designed for the less than modest set.

RobAquatics posted on twitter about a blowout sale on technical suits and it turns out that the technical jammers are only $25...basically the price of regular old everyday jammers at Big 5. If these suits are supposed to help keep you buoyant and compress your muscles and make you faster, why wouldn't I train in them until I actually have the lung power to swim long enough to learn to keep my hips up on my own. Take advantage of FINA's flip-flopping ways on these suits. So, yeah, I will look like a poser but it's dark when I swim, nobody should know.

And, I need every bit of help I can get to swim as fast as my 8 year old (did I mention she got a PRT last weekend?).

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  1. Maybe the bottle opener has been slowing you down?

    Those trunks (quaint, 20th century term) look a lot like bike shorts. I sure hope you don't start wearing loud, technicolor jerseys and funny looking hats.