17 August 2009

A tale of two weekends

CK had a great weekend swimming; I took the weekend off.

CK swam six events over the three days and continued her time-dropping ways, cutting 8 seconds in the 100 free (expected), 4 seconds in the 100 IM (not expected), about .7 to .8 seconds in both the 25 free and 25 fly (good surprise). 25 back and breast were within .2 seconds of her personal bests.

This was a weird meet since it also included a lot of summer league swimmers and her team didn't actually attend. She just wanted another shot to drop her times before taking 2 weeks off from swimming and 6 weeks from meets. Mission accomplished, including a PRT in the 25 fly. That is cool.

Me? Well, I have decided to swim on weekday mornings only, taking the weekend off. When I got back to the pool this morning, I felt a lot stronger but a lot worse off aerobically than I was on Friday. I think my muscles need the rest but I can't afford to lose what little aerobic capacity I have; maybe I'll need to do at least one day on a treadmill or something.

Even with that setback, I pushed myself a bit more this morning, doing 4 laps at full speed (including the 53 second 50) and stretching out to 24 total laps. 600 yards!!!

I tried to go early so I could get to an earlier than usual meeting at work but found out that there is a master's team that practices from 6 to 7. I was informed they'd make room so I'd have a lane but pride gets in the way. If I had to share a lane, I'd get run down; if I get my own lane, it would be plain embarrassing. Better to lurk in the lobby until 7:05 when everyone is out of the pool and hope they don't notice me flailing on their way out of the locker room.

The good news is that if I ever get fit enough to swim more laps, I might look into the team as a way to have a better, more structured workout. Until then, it's all about trying to keep up with an 8 year old who can now swim a 1:20 100 free. I have a long way to go.

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