14 August 2009

Eating & drinking

I've been doing early morning swims (well, early for me); I get to the pool at around 7:15. That's AM, morning time. I realized a few days ago that I should probably wait for my morning cup of coffee until after the swim; no sense in artificially pumping up the heart rate before I did it through exercise (I am over 40 you know).

Then this morning, I eavesdropped on a guy who is apparently a master's coach talking to another swimmer about breakfast. He was basically pleading with her to at least have a scrambled egg before coming up to the pool. And it makes sense. I've read that you burn something like 600 calories an hour. What's your body going to burn if you haven't eaten in 12 hours?

So, my new regimen will be to eat some protein-laden super-food on the way to the pool...time for some research. Otherwise, I'll eat all of the kids' Balance Bars.

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