04 September 2009

Chewing bubblegum in the pool

If you haven't read Reach for the Wall, you should. Paul Tenorio is doing what I'm doing, only better. You see, he's younger, actually knew how to swim when he started, and is writing a column for a division of the Washington Post. But, there are similarities. We both kick slowly.

I was told that about a week ago by the Master's Coach. Since then, I've really concentrated on kicking correctly and have noticed a huge difference. Not in my speed, but in my stroke. I don't seem capable of remembering to do my arm strokes correctly, kick properly, and breathe all at once. One of the three has to give and not breathing isn't an option currently.

So, I have to isolate I think. Do a few laps with a pull buoy to work on my stroke. Do a few laps with a kickboard to work on my kick. And then finish up with the whole shebang for a while. I think I'm getting fit enough to be able to do this (I did a bonus 4 laps this morning to put me at 28 which equals 700 yards for the math-challenged amongst us).

So next week, I will do 2-4 laps of pull buoy, 2-4 laps of kickboard, and 20-28 laps of whole shebang. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to chew bubblegum and swim at the same time with practice.

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