04 September 2009

Top Ten Swimming Blogs

My sailing blog is the only 4-time entry on Tillerman's World-Famous Top Ten Sailing Blogs list, making it every year since the list's inception. I know I have to start small with my swimming blog but I'm just not used to not being a worldwide blogging leader.

Of course, my fame has never translated to hits since I write about myself, something I am again guilty of with Crazy Swim Dad (quick: count how many times the words I, my, me, and mine are in this blog!) and I am really not that fascinating of a topic.

Luckily, there is a list to aspire to...the SwimmingWorld.TV Blog Roll. Let me quote it:
"The following are many of the top swimming blogs in the world"
The key word there is "many". That implies (or at least I infer) that there is room on this list for Crazy Swim Dad. Once CK's season starts up again (next Tuesday), my opinions on her times and the insane world of age group swim meets are going to light up the wire. The editor of the SwimmingWorld.TV Blog Roll won't be able to help but take notice and include me! Then victory will be mine.

But first a wager with my dear reader. Which will come first, swimming 20 laps without a stop at the wall to trade in for a new lung or inclusion on the Mighty SwimmingWorld.TV Blog Roll?