11 September 2009

Complex machinery

Swimming is like a golf swing...dozens of moving parts that just don't occur in nature in that order. Every time I concentrate on hand entry, or my pull, or rotating my body, or kicking properly, something gets forgotten. When I'm really moving I think that I know what I'm doing but I bet I just look like a hot mess.

My wife has solved this problem for me. She bought me an underwater camera.

I used one of these on the Pac Cup last year and found it exceedingly useful for sailing AND I got to use it to film CK a few times underwater. But it wasn't mine, I just used it as the official photographer of Team Oceanaire.

But now, I have my own underwater camera and I also own an 8 year old who can go under and film my stroke. How can my stroke not get better? For one, I could look at it, throw my hands in the air and give up on the whole experiment. Or, I could be dazzled by the apparent beauty of the whole thing and decide that you can't improve on perfection. But what I'm really hoping happens is that my vanity kicks in and I just want to see myself filmed more so I keep working on the stroke.

Either way, my almost 10 readers per day will get to see some amateur swimming action live and underwater!


  1. Wow, you are a Crazy swim dad! Pretty cool.

  2. Megan has an underwater camera, it can be dropped as well...it is "rugged" not sure how since it is pink.