10 September 2009

Out the window

Well, that plan went up in smoke. I didn't bring my fancy full-color printout of my planned workout, let alone put it in a waterproof sleeve for the pool. So I didn't swim...HA....of course I swam, I just tried to modify the workout based on what I remembered.

I knew that there was a warmup, a core workout, and a warmdown. I also knew that in the core workout, I was supposed to do some maximum reach type things. Also, I watched CK in the water last weekend and at practice yesterday and realized that she did what Gary Hall, Sr recommends, rotate your body as you extend your reach. So I did that too. And I did a time-trial mid-way through. I didn't mess with any kickboard stuff because I'm still confused by one of the things it recommended.

I think it was effective because I feel the workout more than usual.

When I did my 50 yard time-trial, I pushed almost as hard as I did on Monday so I'm pretty sure my time was comparable (I cut 3 seconds off my previous time). Based on that, I am also pretty darned sure that CK took it easy on me in the 50 since that would put her 7 seconds slower than her best time. Oh well, I'll catch up (umm yeah, keep telling yourself that).

One last note on today. When I asked CK about the kickboard freestyle using one arm at a time, she had never heard of that much less done it. She explained the catchup freestyle drill and that seems like it does something similar so I tried it. Holy Guacamole, that is hard. I could only make one lap of it; I'm pretty sure I would have drowned if I'd tried more. I think I should only do it under adult supervision.

As for tomorrow, if I remember my workout sheet, I might give it another try. Otherwise, I'm the guy at the end of the pool making stuff up as he goes along.

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