17 December 2009

Another milestone: 200 Yards NONSTOP

I think I know how Charles Lindbergh must have felt after flying NONSTOP across the Atlantic because I did something equally amazing this morning. I swam 200 yards NONSTOP across my pool. Yep, 8 laps without stopping to replace a lung. I don't want to know how long it took me and because of oxygen deprivation I don't even remember much about it. But I did it. 200 Yards. NONSTOP.

This is another in the long list of accomplishments that must make real swimmers laugh but are really keeping me going. I have basically taught myself to swim over the last 4 months. Before August I had never done more than 1 lap across a pool and I was doing more of a modified doggy-paddle and pretending to do the things that make it look like swimming. Now I can swim 200 yards NONSTOP, do 1200 yards in a bit over 30 minutes, almost beat Chopstick in 50 yards, and cracked the mythical 2 minute barrier on the 100 free by 20 seconds. I'm a freaking phenom.

I don't even know what tomorrow holds. I have some extra time before having to leave for work so I might try to swim a whole hour or a mile or try one of those esoteric strokes that are rumored to exist. The world is my limit now.


  1. Yes, but if you're wearing the cheater suit, shouldn't all of these 'accomplishments' have asterisks next to them? Isn't that suit going to keep you out of the Hall of Fame?

  2. Hey Edward, drain the water out of your ear for just a minute. I miss your sailing posts. :(

  3. Congrats on your continuous (continual?) improvements! It's a blast 'watching' you improve.