22 December 2009

Splish Bonus!

Many of you (or at least O Docker) have been anxiously awaiting news on my new superstar Splish jammers. Well, I got them. And by "them" I mean "them". For some incredible reason, Splish sent me an extra pair. Not the exact same style but just a bit different enough that I can wear them on alternate days and look like I have a huge closet full of suits.

That is the pair I ordered. And I got them, but I also got a pair with the same superstar panel but with the rest of it in black. Thank you Splish! In fact, I would recommend ordering from them just in case the same thing happens to you. Maybe Rob Aquatics can order more goggles!

Since I ordered these to swim in rather than just to look good in, I decided to wear the black pair to the pool today. For the first time in months I wouldn't be wearing my cheater suit. I've been reading about these cheater suits for months now and I expected my speed to drop off a cliff. But it didn't happen which is just more proof that it's the NSA perpetuating this urban legend to destabilize the swimming industry and make room for Halliburton to take over the swimwear market.

I swam my whole 1200 yards in 30 minutes. I'll thank the suit for that.


  1. Congratulations! This is a great day for you and for swimsuits in general.

    I'm a little concerned that your team colors will now be black and blue, but that may be appropriate for an underdog.

    Will you wear the blue suit for home meets and the black on the road, or vice versa?

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