28 December 2009

Three to Two ratio

That's the ratio of my humbling swim this weekend. I invited Chopstick and a friend up to the pool to get their pool-legs back before practice starts again next week for them. I figured we'd each swim about a half hour and they would do a few more yards than I did but that it'd be pretty even.

Well, crap, it turns out they swim about 150 yards to each of my 100s. And I'd be at the wall hoping that a meteor would hit to reduce the pool to a waterless hole in the ground just so I could breathe again and they'd be practicing flip turns waiting for me to be ready to go again. Remember, these kids are 9.

Anyway, it was motivating and kept me going for longer than I expected given the past few days of junk-food (candy and cookies and ice cream and pie) eating. I needed to swim and they made sure I finished.

Once I'd finished my 1000 yards and they had logged 1500, I was done. But they still looked fresh so I asked if they wanted to just do a bit more and finish up a mile? Why not so off they went, swimming the last 250 yards with ease.

We were then confronted with a problem...the hot tub is on the far side of the pool and we had all our gear with us (camera, flip flops, goggles, etc). So we decided to swim over with all this stuff. I did the smart thing, backstroke kick holding the stuff in my hands by my side. Chopstick decided to hold her flip flops but still do a full backstroke swim. And Chopstick's friend thought it would be fun to do backstroke with flip flops on her feet. Ignoring the fact that we got some crust in the pool, it had to have been a pretty comical sight watching us "race" to the other side like this. But then again I'm laughing because I won.

And in other important swimming news, I finally had someone there to take a picture of my new splish suit and my new goggles!

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  1. nice pic dude! If splish had a catalog that might end up on the cover!