07 January 2010

Huge Relief

Today, Chopstick's winter session practices started. I am now no longer in charge of getting her to swim; her Mom drives her, her coach coaches her (interesting thought, should the word "Mom" be changed to "Driver" to make that sentence more accurate?). For me, it solves my worries that I'm an overbearing Swim Dad since I'm out of the equation until the next meet in about a month.

So, to celebrate, I swam 1400 yards this morning bringing my daily average up to 1130 -- a full 30 yards higher than my daily goal for the month. This goal will have to be modified once I start swimming with the Masters for a full hour instead of 30 minutes but I'll believe that once I see it.

Anyway, I feel better about my swimdadishness and my swimyardageosity today. So I thought I should blog it.

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