15 January 2010

Swimming contraband

I got up early to swim this morning only to find a pool full of master's swimmers (read as no lanes).  So I sat in the hot tub and watched.  They were doing 25s and I thought, h3ll I can do 25s.  It looked like they were sprinting one way and lollygagging on the way back, something I know I can do.  Then they started sprinting 25s and hanging out at the wall for a long time.  Again, one of my specialties.

What I got out watching them is, "I can do that." So then I swam. And after I swam I got something else out of the effort, someone had left their set list glued to a kickboard. With a quick glance around to see if anyone was watching, I surreptitiously peeled it off and ran into the locker room. I had info!

I looked over the intervals they were doing and they all looked do-able. Except maybe the 100s I'll need to add 15 seconds to. And it fits my pace, about 2000 yards in an hour. I've never swam that long but I do about 1100 to 1200 yards in half an hour so I should be able to get to 2000 in double the time.

I'm going to give it a shot this weekend and if I can do this, I can try to get up at 6AM one morning and see how the slow lane feels.


  1. Haha excellent work, but I doubt the masters swimmers view their old set list as the coveted secret document you make it out to be :)

  2. Then you explain why there was only one left at the pool...where'd the rest go? Probably the shredder or a secret vault somewhere.

  3. Oh geesh, some swimmer you are!

    You don't steal the set list, you microfilm it surreptiously with your Minox and then sew the microfilm into the waistband of your swim trunks.