09 September 2010

6500 yards per week, that's all we ask

Since I've become a Manatee my yardage has gone up dramatically. To the point that I'm thinking I might just make my 2010 mileage goal. Or at least my modified 2010 mileage goal, you know, the one I modified once I finished taking the months of June and July off from swimming.

To make the original goal (150 miles), I need to average 7600 yards per week. To make the modified more realistic didn't swim all summer goal (140 miles), I need to average 6500 yards per week.

Now that I'm a manatee, this is actually do-able. They have an absurd number of options for practice times and they make me work harder. Since I joined on September 1, my workouts have averaged 2270 yards. If I swim three times per week, that banks me over 300 yards per week on my modified goal. If I swim 4 times per week every other week, I actually bank 345 yards per week over my original goal.

Considering I've swam 5 times in 9 days due to the incredible number of available workouts, this might just be do-able. No more missing a whole day just because I slept in, I can go that evening. If I can't make Friday because of a meeting, I can go Thursday. And, best yet, when Chopstick doesn't have a meet, there are weekend practices.

I'm thinking I can do it. 6500 yards per week. That's all we ask.

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