01 September 2010

Swimming replays ..... Pan Pacs Redeux

Last night, my wife had some friends over to discuss share-cares and carpooling and stuff so I took the kids downstairs to watch some TV. Of course, nothing good was recorded but I noticed I hadn't deleted the Pan Pacs. The kids agreed and we decided just to watch races that Chopstick likes and fast forward through the rest.

So, we started off with the Women's 200 IM mainly so that Chopstick could compare her time to these guys and see how much work she has to do. We spent the first part of the race trying to decide how to pronounce Kukors, but, wow, did we get into it after that. I didn't notice we'd gotten loud until I noticed that Chopstick was yelling for Ariana Kukors on the breast-stroke leg like she could actually hear her (never mind that we're in Northern California and the race was in Irvine....AND over a week ago). But she yelled, "go go go" everytime her head came out of the water and then we watched with disappointment as the Australian won.

It was doubly hard since it was the same Australian who beat Natalie Coughlin in the 100 or 200 back a few weeks ago when the Pan Pacs were on our TV live. And to top it off, we've all decided that the Australians have the best suits. The best suits and they beat two of our favorite swimmers. Insulting.

The next two races we watched made it worthwhile. Ryan Lochte (the baddest man on the planet) and Rebecca Soni were almost world recording! Watching them race that line was so exciting that we forgot to care that we were being loud enough to hear upstairs. If only my 5 year old son cared about swimming and joined in, maybe we could have exhorting them to the actual records, but it was close enough for us.

After a few more races, we were done, we went crazy for the men's 400 MR and called it a night, happy to have enjoyed the racing in this way too long off season. The best part about all of it? We already knew who had won and still cheered like it was live.

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