18 January 2011

Ominous sign to start the morning

Based on my informal poll of how many swimmers are in my lane each morning (yes I keep track), swimmers like to get their exercise out of the way early in the morning. That means, alarm clocks and groggy marches to the pool while it's still dark out.

I'm not complaining, it actually feels good to start the day with 60 minutes of swimming. Sort of invigorating. Definitely eye opening. A good way to start a day.

Until, ominous signs start greeting you just as you're waking up. The first sign I saw today as I walked up to the pool?

Danger. Chlorine.

How the heck am I supposed to stay motivated with that staring at my face at O Dark Thirty? Danger. Chlorine. Hey wait, I'm about to jump into a freakin' pool loaded with this stuff. I've been reading a lot of Greek Mythology (OK OK the Percy Jackson series) and the Gods are always throwing out signs to the heroes. Is this a sign? Is swimming dangerous? Will a freakin' minotaur be sitting poolside when I try to get out? Or will a half man half shark beastie be swimming laps when I hop in?

I thought long and hard about not swimming when this "sign" confronted me this morning. But then I realized that I'd already made it through the alarm clock, if I could do that I could probably deal with Danger. Chlorine.


  1. The real scary thing in that picture is not the CHLORINE sign but the state of the bottom of the door. What beast is lurking in the pool and coming out at night to gnaw chunks of wood off the door? A giant beaver? A half beaver half shark beastie? A wood-eating minotaur?

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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