13 January 2011

Swimming bobbleheads

OK, I know, the whole point of swimming is keeping your head still and bobbleheads just defeat the h3ll out of that purpose. But, why aren't there promotional swimmer bobblehead dolls?

The World Series Champion San Francisco Giants just announced their 2011 promotional schedule and as is required by state law, there are 4 bobblehead giveaways (Cody Ross, Aubrey Huff, Gerald Posey and Tim Lincecum).

Intrigued, I decided to check our friend EBay to see how much last years' Lincecum bobblehads go for. Seems like $10-200 is about the range. Wow. That's cool, except that I don't have one to sell. So, I guess bottom line it doesn't really matter.

Well, if a Lincecum bobblehead costs that much, how much for a Phelps bobblehead? That guy is a LEGEND. Quick EBay search reveals? None for sale. No Coughlin bobbleheads or Lochte bobbleheads either. Maybe people are just holding on to these priceless gems.

Google image search? Nada...no bobbleheads for any of our aquatic heroes. This is a farce! Why aren't swimmers given equal bobble treatment? I'd even collect a Garrett Weber-Gale bobblehead if you could put a sound chip in there to remind me to eat my vegetables!

So, I made a mockup of a Michael Phelps bobblehead for all of you manufacturers reading this blog. First I made one of Natalie Coughlin, but she's my daughter's hero and it just looked too weird and I couldn't do that to her. If somebody could just make this bobblehead, swimming would be on its way to the mainstream!


  1. They actually make bobblehead swimming trophies. I found a few online at http://www.trophies2go.com/male-swimmer-bobblehead-trophy . But actual toys were a bit hard to find. I mean not even downunder were swimmers are superstars. I guess it's a good thing cuz' I think bobbleheads are scary as hell!

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